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7 Mexican Lagers, Tasted, Ranked

Mexican lagers taste like the weekend. Not just when the fifth of May falls on a Saturday, either. Cracking open an ice-cold Corona or straight-from-the-cooler Tecate is reminiscent of beach trips, cookouts, game days, and sunny afternoons doing or avoiding yard work.

The category gets its crisp, light flavor profile from the German-style Vienna lager that informed Mexican brewing traditions. It’s widely palatable and wildly popular.

Last year Mexican beer comprised more than two-thirds of American imports, lead by Corona and its successful advertising campaign, “Find Your Beach.” Dos Equis, America’s sixth-largest beer import, recently retired Jonathan Goldsmith, its iconic “Most Interesting Man in the World.” Goldsmith’s nine-year reign reportedlymultiplied brand growth and turned him into the most meme’d person on the planet.


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